Bible Study

The Bible is central to our identity, faith and to our worship. It contains the stories and wisdom of our ancestors and prophets. And yet the Bible is not the easiest book in the world to read. It is, in fact, a library of books written by different people using different literary styles over countless generations. It is complex, multifaceted and oftentimes confusing. The Bible is a book which deserves and even demands careful study and open, spirit-led discussion.

All are welcome! This Bible Study is not restricted to church members, but is open to anyone and everyone who is curious about this wonderful and perplexing book. Our Bible Study does not require any background in Biblical study or prior church experience. Our hope is that we will simply be able to exchange ideas, thoughts and interpretations of the wisdom and stories of our ancestors to gain a deeper understanding of what God is telling us today, both as individuals and as a community of faith.

For more information, please contact Rev. Brian – please leave a message at the Church office, 604.886.7410.